larry hengl

I am passionate about developing web apps and databases to help fight diseases.

current employment

04/2015 — present
Sr Engineer, Bioinformatics, BioMarin, San Rafael, CA.
What I'm currently into ...
developing web apps and databases for rare disease research
noSQL: Neo4j, CouchDB/PouchDB
javascript: Node/NPM, React, Backbone, Marionette, D3, Crossfilter, Gulp, Webpack, jQuery
ui testing tools: Tape
doc & workflow tools: Dox, Puppet, Gitlabs, Github
other languages & tools: R, Elm, Spotfire, Gephi, Cytoscape
open source, public NPM packages, and Github
current repos: myvariantjs myvariantjs-demo
other repos I currently help with or keep a close eye on: Baobab Cerebral Material UI
relaxing on
Mac, Linux and Windows
other interests
chasing my son
because it's fun
Ironman triathlons, ultra running, skiing and golfing
but not at the same time

past employment

12/2000 — 04/2015
Programmer Analyst IV, Novartis (formerly Chiron), NIBR IT, Emeryville, CA.
Database Specialist, Chiron, Bioinformatics, Emeryville, CA.
5/1999 — 11/2000
Programmer Analyst III, Cancer Center, UC San Francisco, CA.

10/1994 — 5/1999
Programmer Analyst and Assistant Statistician, UC San Francisco, SF, CA.

4/1992 — 12/1993
Statistician, Santa Barbara Breast Cancer Institute, SB, CA.

Other positions ...
4/1999 — 4/2001
Oracle Basics Instructor: SQL and PL/SQL
UC Berkeley (UCB) Extension
Muster Learning Architects (MLA), Berkeley, CA.

7/1999 — 1/2002
Volunteer Web Database Programmer, Cancerlinks LLC, Berkeley, CA.

6/1998 — 4/1999
Volunteer Unix Intern/Oracle Teaching Assistant, MLA, Berkeley, CA.

Things I used to do ...
develop and Administer DBs
SQL, PL/SQL, Oracle, MySQL, SQLServer, MSAccess
develop apps
analyze data
SAS, Matlab
play saxophone
and lots of basketball too


Bachelor of Science, Statistics, UC Santa Barbara (UCSB), 1992.

research collaborations

Masouredis C., et al (1997).
A spit tobacco cessation intervention for college athletes: 3-month results.
Advances in Dental Research. 11(3):354-359.

Sartorius, O.W. (1995).
The biochemistry of breast cyst fluids and duct secretions.
Breast Cancer Research and Treatment 35: 255-266.

Walsh, M.W., et al. (1994).
Prevalence, patterns and correlates of spit tobacco use in a college athlete population.
School of Dentistry research paper.

Sartorius, O.W. (1994).
Age, body mass, and tumor aggressiveness in breast cancer.
Santa Barbara Breast Cancer Institute research paper.

more details


Perform local DBA duties: monitor space, usage, and performance, tune instance parameters, check backups, version migrations, production and development data syncronizing. Database development duties: schema design, database creation, query programming and tuning, user security, strategize replication server scheme. Web Development duties: Code web apps utilizing PHP, Apache and Ajax on Windows and Linux systems.

Developed relational databases for clinical cancer studies and genetics research utilizing Oracle and MS Access. Designed web interfaces using ASP on IIS web servers. Designed and implemented a data security model for shared information and collaboration. Coded PL/SQL module for legacy data migration. Generated reports and ad hoc query functions for local and web- based user tools. Performed Oracle DBA duties on production and development database servers. Installed and configured Oracle software and database applications. Maintained user and group accounts, user security, and database backups. Developed and modified web-generated forms and reports with Designer/2000 and WebDB, created and maintained Designer/2000 repositories, administered Oracle Application Servers and Report Servers, created and administered End User Layers in Oracle Discoverer. Supported Windows NT/2000 systems.

Instructed 10-week courses on SQL and PL/SQL language and programming concepts, Oracle database application design and development, Unix commands and utilities; developed and managed course curriculum, held tutorial sessions, evaluated student work and assign grades.

Installed, configured, and maintained Apache webservers and MySQL databases running on Linux platforms for the site and its sister sites; assisted with site content. (This non-profit portal site provides links and site information on cancer and related information.)

Assisted Unix and Oracle SQL classes: tutored on systems/programming concepts, troubleshot computer lab problems, assisted with curriculum development, tested skills and conducted grading.

Engineered relational databases for medical research studies. Programmed MS Access database quality control routines, double-entry modules, status reports, and SAS dataset exports. Administered databases and implemented user security. Provided desktop and server support, and administered a Novell network for PC and Macintosh clients.

Installed desktop and server hardware, software applications, Windows operating systems, and performed system troubleshooting. Created manuals and reports for DBMS review, data analysis, and data entry training. Conducted hardware/software tutorials for technical and administrative staff.

Performed statistical analysis and data management of breast cancer and breast biochemical information.